Welcome to the web pages of the  Association “Akapnistas”

Smokers are not our enemies.
We just hate harmful smoke of cigarettes and their used filters which are carelessly left by smokers here and there.
We just demand respect!

Smokers who ,are not usually sociable, harm by their disrespectful behavior non-smokers.
They put in danger babies,infants, small kids, domestic animals, including fish and birds,pregnant women etc.

Aims of Akapnistas:

We are focus on
a) informing citizens about the bad consequences of smoking,
b) informing non-smokers about their rights,and
c) activating public for protecting vulnerable groups from second hand (passive) smoking.

A unique school competition for the last two classes of primary school and for all classes of senior high school.

Children organize acts and find ways to ensure their right in their health.

The competition is organized by Akapnistas association under the support of education ministry of Greece for the whole Crete region.

It aims to activate students to inform and make sensitive their classmates and their social environment alike for the risks caused by second hand smoking, to get active so that , to demand  politely and in a conving way, their right for clean air, clean breathing  and for health in general.

For more information (in greek only) click here.

Video Activism

Short videos from our campaigns  and tv spots. (english subs will be available after a short period).

When a soul can find the strength to say what it hides inside.

Cigarette butts = danger for infants and toddlers

Campaign: I smoke but i respest

Ingestion of cigarettes by infants and toddlers – what to do:

Real activism

The “γόπα” (cigarette butts) project

16 volunteers collected 6000 cigarettes butts in 1,5 hour