Review of our activities:

Since we started our activities this is what we did, among other things:

Awareness raising

l smoke but I respect” – “Chania smoke free town”. We produced videos and radio spots addressed to smokers. The videos and radio spots were broadcasted all over Greece following a permission obtained by the National Radio and TV Council (March 2019).

Dangers by nicotine inside buildings”. Presentations by a pediatrician (nicotine poisoning by cigarette butts and e-cigarette liquids) and a veterinarian (nicotine poisoning of pets) (February 2020).

Cigarettes and butts – danger for infants and babies”. We produced videos and radio spots addressed to parents and smokers The videos and radio spots were broadcasted all over Greece following a permission obtained by the National Radio and TV Council (February 2020).

Let us get it in our head” and “Heart and smoking”. Two information sessions (April and September 2017 respectively) with lung and heart specialists as well as psychologists concerning passive and active smoking for the public.

School actions

“l learn not to smoke”. Presentations in schools (at the last two classes of primary and the three classes of junior high). We use the methodology developed by the initiative “Smokefree Greece” developed by the Greek Cancer Society. These presentations are now organized on a yearly basis (since 2018) with the approval of the Greek Ministry of Education.

School competition on the “Protection by passive smoking”. This competition has been organized on a yearly basis (since 2019) with the approval of the Greek Ministry of Education.

Big events

”Crete loves life”. In 1918 and 1919 we successfully organized musical events and competition of “mantinades” (Cretan limericks) (see separate section of this website).


“Cigarette butt or «Gopa» project” (17/11/ 2019). 16 of our members collected in one and a half hour 6000 cigarette butts from playgrounds and sidewalks of 2-3 main streets at Chania. Then we presented them to the mayor and the town council on January 15 2019. We demanded they place signboards in playgrounds mentioning that smoking is illegal (several such signboards have been posted as promised by the town council. However, we had to insist by threatening legal action.

Protests, with other anti-smoking associations, against the obvious support of the Greek Ministry of health to the tobacco (nicotine) industry (in 2018, 2019 and 2020).

Requested action by the European Commissioner for public health on the delayed publication of the Eurobarometer measuring smoking in the European Union (2020).

Other actions

Hands-on Workshops for passive smokers (Making a stand for free breath) as well as active smokers (Exploring my relation to tobacco) (2018).

Participation at a seminar for family doctors on smoking prevention and cessation organized by the “Titan” programme of the University of Crete (2017).

Participation at the annual events of the Chania Association of Lung Specialists (2017, 2018, 2019).

All our activities and events have been organized by volunteers with sponsorship from local firms and (in one occasion with a partial financing by the Regional Government of Crete).
Participation at several emissions in local Radio and TV stations.

Lektorio events

We organized some events – meetings at Lektorio a multipurpose space for events located in the heart of the old town of Chania.

Dangers of nicotine use inside buildings

We organized a meeting which aims at informing public about passive smoking, the risks of cigarettes and their used filters. The material used to recharge electronic cigarettes.

Pets and second hand smoking

In the same building veterinarian Eleftheria Saridakis informed the participants about the risks which threaten pets that live with smokers.

Children and nicotine

Pediatrician Spyridoula Blazakis Lekka  consulted the participants on ways of facing the poisoning of nicotine which threatens babies, and small children with the most serious poisoning according to the clues which poisoning center has published.

In this meeting managers of restaurants,taverns,shops, bars, offices and in general professionals of our town were invited along with the staff that suffer by smokers in work place while working.

Aim of our association is not profit but only informing public about everything mentioned above.

A press conference was conducted by the title: the biggest scandal in health is hidden by cigarette smoke. This way we inform peo about obstacles in putting the existing anti smoking law into practice.


We have organized two seminars based on experience of enforcing psychology by our member Maria Paterakis who is a consultant on pchyco health.

The subjects of these seminars:

1) passive smokers(March 6 2018).

2)smokers(March 13 2018).



We have organised 2 meetings by the titles:

  1. a) “Let’s decide it”April 5 2017,
  2. b)”heart and smoking”as a contribution to the world day of heart, September 27 2017.

We participated also in:

1) Seminar for family doctors when the act “Titan” November 10 2017.

2) Meeting for the world day of annual obstruction pneumonia disease organized by the Pneumologists association of Chania (November 15 2017).

Let’s decide it