Used cigarrete filters collection (cigarette butts)

“Cigarette butt or «Gopa» project”. On the 17th of November 2019 sixteen of our members collected from one playground and two main roads, within one and a half hour 6000 of them, covering a specific distance of our town. We tried more than once to present this peculiar collection to the Mayor and the town council. We finally did it on the 15th of January 2020. We presented them to the mayor and the town council. We demanded they place signboards in playgrounds mentioning that smoking is illegal (several such signboards have been posted as promised by the town council).

This was:

The Gopa Project


n March 2019 we requested the mayor of Chania to place information signs at the playgrounds of the city informing visitors to abstain from smoking and butt littering as this is harmful for children. We proposed the information signs created by the Greek Cancer Society. We repeated our request in September to the newly elected mayor invoking the new planned legislation that made smoking at playgrounds illegal. Then we repeated the request in January 2020 when the new legislation had been adopted.

In August 2020, our members checked 39 playgrounds and realized that only 6 were equipped with anti-smoking information signs 2 of which were already vandalized or were invisible. Additionally, most of the playgrounds were full of cigarette butts. As a result, we introduced a complaint to the competent control authority.