Who we are and What we do

The Governing Board of the association Akapnistas:

  • Kotzabasakis Dimitris, President
  • Xidi Ioanna, Vice president
  • Papantonakis Stelios as Secretary and DPO
  • Garofalaki Sofia, Treasurer of the club

Basic texts (Available in Greek but English versions are on the way):

  1. Approved articles of association
  2. Member registration form
  3. Privacy and Information on the General Regulation on Data Protection

Aims of Akapnistas association are:
a) informing citizens about the bad consequences of smoking,
b) informing non-smokers about their rights,and
c) activating public for protecting vulnerable groups from second hand (passive) smoking.

Smokers are not our enemies. We just hate harmful smoke of cigarettes and their used filters which are carelessly left by smokers here and there. We just demand respect!
Smokers who, are not usually sociable, harm by their disrespectful behavior non-smokers. They put in danger babies,infants, small kids, domestic animals, including fish and birds, pregnant women etc.

We basically aim at:

  • 1
  • informing public for
    about the pernicious consequences of smoking.
  • 2
  • informing non-smokers
    for their rights to clean air.
  • 3
  • The active engagement of everybody
    for the protection of most vulnerable groups from second hand (passive) smoking (minors, allergic patients, heart patients, pregnant women, asthmatic patients etc.

The principles governing our action are:

  • 1
  • The right to breath freely and the right to clean air
    ia fundamental human right that must be respected by everyone.
  • 2
  • Prevention, convincing, respect,
    ensure in the long run the best way to face smoking, the greatest world epidemic according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • 3
  • Our association operates on the basis of:
    voluntary work, non-seeking of any form of profit (i.e. personal, economic or other), as well as the formulation of our positions in a documented, serious and cool way.
  • 4
  • Support and control of the State
    in view of the implementation of legislation in force about tobacco products and their correct use without the involvement of party politics.

Our short history:

We began our activities end of January 2017, as a citizens’ initiative on Facebook with a Group named:Fun and work without smoke – Chania.
In December 2017 we were organised as the Chania section of another association (“Protection by passive smoking” based in Thessaloniki). However, in September of 2018 we established our own independent association named “akapnistas”. It relates to the Greek word akapnos which means “without smoke”.

How to join our Association

Members of the Association fill in the relevant Member registration form and pay a one-off registration fee (5€) as well as an annual subscription as follows:

  • Simple member 10
  • Family (2 members) 15€ (+ 5€ for each dependent up to the age of 25 with a maximum of 3 dependents)
  • Associations 50€ (the representative to the General Assembly is designated during registration)
  • Enterprises and entities (public, private) 250€ (the representative to the General Assembly is designated during registration)