Sum up of 2015 from the poisoning center.A video permitted by National committee of radio or TV.Used cigarette filters danger for babies and children.A video with detailed guidelines concerning what steps to make in case of swallowing nicotine containing products.

Used cigarette filters are made of a plastic material (toxic cellulose) which requires 10 years to dissolve.Based on formal facts they possess the second place in European Union among plastic objects of one use which are most often found in beaches.Furthermore is well known according to scientific facts that contain plenty of toxic substances for human beings , the fauna and flora.Substances such as: nicotine,cadmium, multi cyclic perfumed hydrocarbon,arsenic,lead, copper,heavy metals, chromium.All these polute the atmosphere.For this reason being spread in nature affects on one hand the growth of plants and trees on the other hand is fatal for animals,fish and birds, wildlife in general.It is well known by estimations of smoke industry that 2018 in Greece alone were consumed 16,7billions(legal and illegal)cigarettes.

At the same time according to estimations of world health organization 90 percent (more or less) of cigarettes have filters.2/3of these are carelessly disposed in nature.

So it is estimated that in 2018 were disposed in Greece alone 10,2of used cigarette filters.Based on the fact that 20filters of a package weigh 3,5git is estimated that during 2018 in Greek nature 2510 tones of used cigarette filters where disposed.


Cigarettes and their used filters put lives of babies and small children at risk. Akapnistas association promotes a video with a radio spot concerning the risks for toddlers and kids, cigarettes and their used filters, and liquids used for recharging electronic cigarettes which contain nicotine. According to epidemic facts,by poisoning center (2015)all the above have a license by National council office radio and TV (decision 18/29.01.2020) with the help of the stuff of local hospital specialized in saving lives(EKAB) Chania department. Also a 3 minutes video was made with detailed guidelines on what to do in case we swallow a product of nicotine with the help of Dr.Spyridoula Blazakis Lekka.

So we are informed that according to scientific research on epidemic facts poisoning center (2015), ensure that the main reason of poisoning by nicotine in infants and children.

Also pets suffer from the negative health consequences of tobacco products by simply breathing the air circulating around smokers.